We think we've got it about right in terms of decor, service, standards and menu - but ultimately YOU will be the judge (and jury) on that!

That's why our contact details are listed - we really do appreciate constructive feedback. Please email Jane or Stu with comments and/or menu suggestions. We want CX to be your favourite coffee shop in Douglas, so don't be shy about telling us how we can make it better!

Opening Hours
We open early and close late! Every weekday from 8.00 in the morning until 4pm (although we won't usually chase you out even then!).

About the premises
Originally an office suite within Exchange House, our landlords had the foresight to realise (or were fans of Ally McBeal on TV) that a coffee shop would be a great asset to their building - and to their neighbours. It's directly opposite one of the main exits from Shaw's Brow car park, just a stone's throw from some of the biggest local employers, so for anyone working in the business district of Douglas we're ideally situated.

It took over 6 months from our original site visit to opening the Coffee Exchange. The main shop area was open-plan originally, so apart from replacing the entire frontage with glass, removing the false ceiling and installing plumbing, aircon and a new ring main (our espresso machine needs an industrial power circuit!) it was mostly just a fitting-out project.

Off the main area we had to build two loos (including disabled facilities), a firelobby, kitchen, storeroom and office.