New coffee shop opens

Coffee Exchange Ltd finally opened to the public on 8th April 2013 after months of planning and negotiating. We'd hoped originally to open on Valentine's Day but these things apparently take much more time than most people realise (us included)! CX is completely independent and is a joint venture between director/shareholders Jane Dellar (CEO IOM Chamber of Commerce) and Stu Peters (Manx Radio Broadcaster).

New menu

At launch our kitchen wasn't finished or equipped so our initial food offering was That's all sorted now and we offer a great selection of hot and cold food and drinks. Bit chilly outside - enjoy a warming bowl of home-made soup with a hunk of bread. Bit warm - enjoy an iced latte or fruit smoothie in our air-conditioned shop.

Bring the office with you

Because CX is designed primarily to serve the local (Athol Street area) business community, we've got free wifi in the shop and you're most welcome to bring a laptop or tablet in and carry on working.

Free local deliveries

If you simply can't get away for a few minutes, get in touch (phone, email or text) and we'll deliver free of charge to any local business (min order 10). Just order from our menu and say when you'd like your delivery and we'll do the rest.

Sign of the times

It's amazing how many people still do a 'double take' when they realise we're a coffee shop and not an office! That's partly our fault - the fascia to Exchange House was being upgraded, and planning permission for exterior signage took a while to obtain...but we're slowly getting there! Even after some years it's surprising how many new customers say they didn't know we were here! As with any new business we're constantly tweaking things - menu, prices and opening times are under constant review to bring you the best we can. If you spot anything that could help us do even better, please email us.